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CompuFry® will revolutionize the food service industry and in particular, the process of frying and serving fried foods in non-ventilated zones. Click on ‘Kiosk’ for sample application.

The patent is based on 3 fully integrated features: robotic basket, air and oil filtration systems.
The fryer complies with UL / CSA standards as a self-contained cooking appliance.

CompuFry® is designed to meet the operators’ needs to serve healthy fried food with simplicity of operation and offer important savings in labor, energy and oil.

Field testing (5+ years) confirms the fryer is 100% fail-safe and durable.

Our facilities are available for a hands-on experience and a great taste of fries and finger food.

A comprehensive business plan for our 3 in 1 computerized fryer is available on request.

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